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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Amarjit Sidhu & Asiana Fashions Commission Shoot

A few weeks back I was asked to take part in a photo shoot to update Amarjit Sidhu and Rakhi Narula's portfolios. Amarjit Sidhu is a professional hair and makeup artist, an expert at creating beautiful looks for events such as weddings and more. She is also my aunt so I have worked with her before, updating her portfolio, but since then I have learnt so much more about camera settings and editing. Rakhi Narula runs Asiana Fashions, a store that specialises in stunning indian women's dresses, jewellery and other accessories. The models used or the shoot were Amrit (first photo) and Baljit (second photo). Both with no modelling experience but beautiful features and were so easy to work with on the day. Baljit has been scouted by a modelling agency and wants to build her portfolio so expect some more photos of her from me! The lighting was amazing on the day so I was quite lucky when it came to editing after the shoot. Personally, I am really proud of myself as I feel I have come a long way with the quality of my photos. I still have a lot to learn though, so advice is always welcome. What do you think of the photos? See more on my Flickr.

Amarjit Sidhu

Asiana Fashions

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