Lisa Cazin
Pre-Prom Photo Shoot, July 2013 [blog post]

Hi Gavina. I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely amazing Prom photos you took for us back at the beginning of July. They are all sooo good! I got my CD off Torina this week and I love every single photo. Thank you so much, you made Prom that much better.


Mukesh Chumber and Shivani Thakur
Couple Photo Shoot, August 2013 [blog post]

Me and Mukesh would just like to give you a huge thank you for doing this for us, it was our first couples shoot so I wasn't too sure how it was going to be. We were both quite nervous as it can get awkward. I have to say she was so happy and giggly, she made us feel comfortable enough to do this shoot and it felt so natural, obviously there were some forced poses but with us having so much fun it just blended right in. It did start to rain just before the shoot started, I'd like to commend Gavina for her dedication and skills as she made such a gloomy day look so beautiful. I will definitely want to do this again, Gavina just wait till the sun is out again. Once again thank you so much for this. We both really appreciate it.