Thursday, 18 July 2013

Siobhán's Portrait Shoot

Siobhán is an old school friend who recently cut her hair into a pixie cut and over Twitter I told her how much it suited her and how I would love to photograph her one day. Then we got planning and organising and decided to do a portrait shoot over in Black Park Country Park. I've always wanted to do portrait shots in Black Park, ever since I got my hands on my Canon DSLR 3 years ago, but my friends did not want to model for me. I finally got the chance to do it yesterday with Siobhán and now I want to do it again and again. I have to admit, my directing of how I wanted her to pose was so awful but she understood my unusual way of explaining things and looked gorgeous in every shot. I'm posting 13 of the 33 edited photos, as some are the same photo but one is in colour and the other in black and white. Funnily enough we were saying how some black and white shots can be very unflattering, especially if the model is wearing lipstick, however Siobhán looks great in black and white - they're personally my favourite shots of her. The shoot was filmed so you can watch that on my vlog channel, just click here!

Siobhán Siobhán Siobhán Siobhán Siobhán Siobhán Siobhán Siobhán SiobhánSiobhán SiobhánSiobhán Siobhán


  1. These are all so good!! My fave though is the first black & white shot :)

  2. Amzing pics! Would you like follow each other?

  3. My fave is the one through the leaves - that's such a cool shot! X


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