Monday, 2 September 2013

Swan Watching

Living very close to Windsor means I have grown up visiting the the area very often and have always been in love with the swans there since I was a little girl. They are so graceful, beautiful and I could honestly watch them for hours. Recently I stayed into the evening to watch a herd of swans itching themselves and sleeping along the riverside near the train tracks bridge. The lights from the bars and restaurants further up the river were shining bright onto the river, it was peacefully quiet (except when the train would zoom past) and I couldn't help photographing these beautiful creatures. They seemed very wary of us which is understandable but we kept our distance and quietly watched them. Some were itching away at their feathers, some were getting comfortable and tucking their heads into their feathers to get some sleep and some were gliding along the river. I loved the evening light in these photos as it makes a nice change from daylight, which is the light I am most comfortable with. If you are ever near some swans, take some time to watch them as they truly are fascinating (well I personally think they are anyway!). Have you ever visited Windsor? What do you love about the area?

Evening Swim Good Night


  1. such a beautiful capture! i'd been there a few times and i love the area, so serene!

  2. your photography is just wonderful, i love the shadows and darkness of these photos.. yet so calming because of the swans.

    lindsey louise


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